If you'd like to receive the torch post your invoice publicly under the current bearer's post

When you receive the torch, create a new tweet mentioning
the Satoshi value of the torch and from whom you received it

If you're the actual bearer of the torch
you can help us with tracking by submitting your proof here

Add just 1 Satoshi per hop

When you want to pass the torch please check this website to see if you are the last holder listed, if so, post the new Satoshi value of the torch and to whom you are sending it

Please try to avoid passing the torch to new Twitter accounts with a suspiciously low following

To make tracking even easier, please tag your posts with @lntinytorch and #LNTinyTorch

Lastly, try to encourage and help newcomers to install full Bitcoin and Lightning nodes.
One easy to follow way to do this is via Pierre Rochards tutorial here